Grampa Turns 9!

It’s not every child whose 9th birthday party ends up in the newspaper, but my Grampa wasn’t every child.  He was the son of Walter Gallagher – a man with a plan.  This article was likely published in late September 1933, name of publication unknown. The Dolores Conor on the guest list is no doubt related to former Mayor Alan B. Conor, because rubbing elbows with Ridgefield’s elite – that’s how the Gallaghers roll.

1933 09 24 - John Gallagher 9 Has Bday PartyJOHN GALLAGHER, 9, HAS BIRTHDAY PARTY

John Joseph Gallagher, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Gallagher, of Virgil avenue, Ridgefield, was given a party recently by his parents, in honor of his ninth birthday.

Winners of prizes at the games were Anne Teien, Anne Hulbert.  Other guests were Dolores Conor, Joseph Lutz Ruth Teien, William Curran, Russell Gilbert, Lester Gilbert, James Hulbert, Gloria Eberhardt, Robert Eberhardt, Doris Browne, Frank Browne, Bernard Zlotnick and Betty Anhilder.


This article was published on September 25, 1933, the day after Grampa’s birthday.  Name of publication is unknown.  Name-dropping abounds — check out the first name on the guest list in this article:

1933 09 24 - John Gallagher Birthday (2nd article)

John Joseph Gallagher, son of Sergeant and Mrs. Walter Gallagher, Virgil Avenue, celebrated his ninth birthday yesterday with a part attended by a group of his playmates and friends.  The youngsters were served refreshments and then played games.  Guests were Dolores Conor, Joseph Lutz, Ruth and Anne Teien, Russell and Lester Gilbert, Anna and James Hulbert, Gloria and Bobby Eberhardt, Doris and Frank Browne, Bernard Zlotnick and Billie Anhelder, all of Ridgefield and Joseph Lutz of Englewood.


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