1932 - Walter gets a Tour of Sing Sing Prison

Walter Goes to Prison



1932 - Walter gets a Tour of Sing Sing Prison

Sergeant Walter Gallagher and Patrolmen Arthur Kalbhenn, Henry Lustmann, Edward Masterson and Charles Seguine, of the Ridgefield police department, visiting Sing Sing Prison at Ossining, N. Y., Saturday.  The policemen were guided through this penal institution by one of the wardens.


2 thoughts on “Walter Goes to Prison”

  1. Yep. You got me, lol. I was, “Wait. What?!” Click thru, “Oh, good.”

    I enjoy following your scrapbook story. He was likely a bit overwhelmed by the tour. I’ve been there and I was. But I expect, like me, given the setting, and that it was a professional tour in the company of his peers, he definitely wouldn’t want to show that there.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Jo! I agree, he probably was quite overwhelmed … I’ve only seen the inside of a prison on television (not sure I want to get much closer than that), but I can imagine it’s quite intimidating.


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