Supervisor Darrow is Giving Pistol Practice

Another unidentified, undated article.  This one is likely from around 1931, after he completed his fingerprint course but before he was promoted to Sergeant.

1931+ Supervisor Darrow is Giving Pistol Practice

Supervisor Darrow is Giving Pistol Practice

The Ridgefield Police Department have co-operated with several other departments in the county in imparting their knowledge of modern use of firearms, finger-printing, etc., to the other men.

Supervisor George F. Darrow, of the Ridgefield Police, a former Captain of the New York Police Department, is an expert in the use of firearms and consindered [sic] one of the authorities in that line in the United States.

Supervisor Darrow has been spending several hours three times each week training the members of the Edgewater Police Force, the classes having been inaugurated through the efforts of Police Chief James Dinan, of Edgewater.

Officer Walter Gallagher, who has recently completed such a course, has been instructing Lieutenant Rothacker, of the Tenafly Police, and Detective Soutiero, of the Englewood Police, several days each week in the modern methods of finger-printing, classification, etc.

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