Four Suspects Nabbed by Cop

This article is from October 1931.  Newspaper unknown.

1931 10 Four Suspects Nabbed by CopFour Suspects Nabbed by Cop

One Picked As Holdup Bandit — 3 in Jail for Investigation

Nabbed as they are alleged to have been attempting to break into a Ridgefield filling station, three New York City men have been committed to jail until their police records can be investigated, and a fourth has been partially identified as a participant in a recent $30 Hackensack store holdup.

The arrest, made early Wednesday morning by Patrolman Paul, of Ridgefield, was disclosed last night when Recorder Harry F. Baker, of that borough, sentenced three of the quartet to 10 days in the Bergen County jail on charges of acting as disorderly persons.

The fourth, who identified himself as Mario Bilello, 20, of 75th street, Ozone Park, Queens, was picked out of a police lineup by a delivery boy employed by the American Stores Co.  Inasmuch as the youth was not certain of the prisoner, the clerk and an assistant will view the suspect today to effect positive identification before Bilello is charged with the robbery.

Police Records Found

The three taken to jail at Hackensack last night gave their identity as Michael Spinelli, 21, of 155 East 110th street; Joseph Guardino, 23, of 147 Elizabeth street, and Charles Bruno, 24, or 238 East 30th street, all Manhattan.

Unable to account for their presence at Quinn’s gasoline station, Broad avenue and Marion place, at 2 o’clock Wednesday morning, the four men were held overnight in Ridgefield cells.  Their photographs, fingerprints, Bertillon measurements and other identification were sent to the New York City police, where it was learned Guardino was arrested in 1928 for robbery, and Bilello was held once before that for grand larceny.

Although partially identified as having participated in the $30 Hackensack robbery October 28 last, the four men have not been definitely connected with other Bergen County holdups committed in the past four months.  None of them is believed to have participated in two recent Palisades Park and Ridgefield offenses of this sort.


About the Criminals:

Joseph Guardino can be found on the 1920 U.S. census at age 11 living with his Italian immigrant parents, Frank and Jennie, at 143 Broome Street in Manhattan.  He appears to be an only child, but his parents are aged 60 and 46, so there may be older siblings who no longer live in the household.  In 1930, he is found with his mother, now a widow, and a brother Vincent, who is 2 years older than Joseph, and who I am fairly certain was called “Vinnie.”  One has to wonder where his brother was living during the last enumeration.  In 1940, Joseph is married to Gussie and has 4 children – 3 sons and a daughter.  Under occupation, he is listed as a “new worker,” though he is 33 years old and claims to have been living in the same house in 1935.  I was able to locate Vinnie in 1920 at the New York Catholic Protectory, a home for destitute children and juvenile delinquents that was in operation from 1865 until 1938.  It was located in the area now known as the Parkchester housing development in the Bronx.  Apparently, the whole family led a life of crime.

I was unable to locate any positive information on Mario Bilello, Michael Spinelli, or Charles Bruno.


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