Walter’s Police Awards and Training (1930-1931)

1930-1931 - Walter Gallagher awards and trainingWalter received several commendations during the first few years of his law enforcement career.  This record shows those commendations and lists the training he had during that time.

Honorable Mention Stewart Carroll )
Tookey Case )
March 4th, 1930
Commendation Caparaso Ziti )
Gambo Case )
October 16th, 1930
Commendation Alver and Williams )  April 19th, 1931
Excellent Police Duty Bunt & Davis Case ) August 20th, 1931


You may remember the Caparaso/Ziti/Gambo case I wrote about here and here.  Unfortunately, the other letters of commendation were not in his police file by the time it was given to me.



Police School

New York Police Academy and Bureau of Criminal Identification – 9 months

First Aid American National Red Cross Course by Dr. Fenton – 8 weeks.


You can read about Walter’s training at the Bureau of Criminal Identification here, here, and here.

These won’t the be the last accolades Walter receives.