Ridgefield Police Officers Merit Marksmanship Awards

1930 Ridgefield Police Officers Merit Marksmanship AwardsRidgefield Police Officers Merit Marksmanship Awards

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At the meeting of the Mayor and Council last Tuesday evening, four patrolmen of the Ridgefield Police Department were presented with bars for efficiency in marksmanship, having made a total of approximately 85 out of a possible hundred shots.  The men were Officers August Keil, Walter Gallagher, Henry Lustman and William Heilmann.  These men were presented with gold bars, and Officer William Vohl was presentel [sic] with one of silver.  The bars were pinned over their service shields by Mayor Davis, who congratulated each man individually.  They then left the Council room, headed by Police Supervisor George Darrow, amid a burst of applause.


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