Efficiency Increase in Police – Part 2

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1930 12 Efficiency Increase in Ridgefield Police Cited by Supervisor p5Awards for Merit

A system of awards for merit has been established whereby an officer performing a deed indicating exceptional zeal or bravery, receives commendation from the mayor and council, which will entitle him to a number of points in an examination for promotion.  This system also prevails where a man excels in marksmanship.  The awards carry with them a bar worn over the shield in uniform.

Public Morals, Commercial Vice

Under this heading are included vice and gambling.  Special duty officers have been assigned during the year to keep all public houses, restaurants, cafes, under a close surveillance, with instructions to visit and inspect same, and at the first indication of violation of law thereat, to report the nature of same, and take proper action to suppress it.

During the year 1930 there was but one instance where a place was improperly conducted which came to the notice of this department.  A restaurant operating on Shaler boulevard at Elizabeth street, was patronized by a class of persons whose conduct in and about the premises was of a nature that interfered with the comfort and repose of residents of the vicinity, thereby constituting a public nuisance.

After placing same under observation for several nights by special duty patrolmen, the facts were found to be as alleged.  The owner was notified to discontinue business and vacate the premises.  The order was complied with immediately.

Commercial Gambling

Gambling and more serious crimes are so closely associated that it is necessary to strictly enforce laws relating to the matter.

Constant vigilance has been exercised to prevent and detect commercial gambling.  There has been no commercial gambling within the borough that has come to the knowledge of the department.


In anticipation of any indication of the borough being subject to an epidemic of crime, a “shotgun squad” has been organized for the purpose of handling any unusual situation which may arise.  Proper equipment for this squad consisting of riles, shotguns, gas guns, and bombs are ready for an emergency of this kind.  This squad is used as a special duty squad and through their efforts much information to the benefit of the department has been acquired.


The uniformed members of the department have had it continuously impressed upon them, that the success of the work engaged in by them depends entirely upon the good will of the public, and their co-operation, and that this may only be attained by rendering 100 per cent. service.

1930 12 Efficiency Increase in Ridgefield Police Cited by Supervisor p6That courtesy is absolutely indispensable if police work is to succeed.

It has been the aim of the department to develop a high quality of service, and satisfaction to the public.  The men have responded to this movement admirably, and as a whole it must be said that they conduct themselves as officers and gentlemen.  Neglect of duty, insolence or discourtesy on the part of any member of the department will not be tolerated in their contact with the citizens.

The achievements set forth in this report could not have been accomplished except for the full support of the mayor, council and members of the police commission.

In conclusion, permit me to say, that I am glad to have been privileged to command and work with the men of the Ridgefield police department.  While the department is small in numbers, it has in its personnel, material as intelligent, courageous and enthusiastic as any police department anywhere.

Respectfully submitted,

George F. Darrow
Police Supervisor.

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