(Another) Letter of Commendation

There were other officers involved in the capture and arrest of these two criminals, and they all may have received similar letters, but this one was for Walter.


1930 10 16 - letter of commendation in arrest of Caporaso and Ziti

Police Commission
Borough of Ridgefield

Bergen County                      New Jersey


October 16, 1930

Patrolman Gallagher,
Police Department,
Borough of Ridgefield, N.J.

You are hereby commended by the Police Commission, for your activities in connection with the arrest of the following criminals in the Borough of Ridgefield on September 27, 1930.

Louis Caporaso                         Charles Ziti

These men in company with a third man burglarized a building, attached one of the inmates with a revolver and iron bar, and attempted to rob.  Their apprehension was due to the alertness of the members of the Department and reflects credit on all concerned in the capture.

By direction of the

Police Commission

Henry Formon per WD[?]


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