Supervisor Named in Ridgefield

This article is dated March 19, 1930.  It is unknown which paper published it.  I do know that this is not the last we hear about Supervisor Darrow.


1930 03 19 - Supervisor Named in Ridgefield p1 - Darrow picSupervisor Of Police Named In Ridgefield


Retired New York Officer Engaged by Council to Head the Department




1930 03 19 - Supervisor Named in Ridgefield p1George F. Darrow, former New York police lieutenant, retired after 25 years of service, last night was appointed supervisor of police in Ridgefield at a salary of $3,000 a year, by the borough council.  Councilman Leo Kearney was the only member of the board voting against the appointment.  Darrow immediately was sworn in.

Darrow will have complete control of the police department.  Edward Bunce, who for years was chief of police of the borough, recently was dismissed from the department on charges brought by Councilman Clarence Kiley, who charged Bunce with neglect of duty and with failure to wear uniform after being warned several times to do so.

Counselor William George, of Jersey City, has been retained by former Chief Bunce to fight his dismissal on the ground that the hearing was illegal.  George has been granted a writ to show cause by the Supreme Court.


1930 03 19 - Supervisor Named in Ridgefield p2Bunce in Bad

That the present administration has been dissatisfied with the service of Bunce was evidence since last election.  It is said that a few months ago Bunce was asked to resign to escape charges but that he refused to do so.

Darrow comes to Ridgefield highly recommended by the police officials of New York.  The following letter from the New York department was read at the meeting of council last night:

“With reference to your recent inquiry, I find that George F. Darrow was retired as a lieutenant of police in this department on June 8, 1926, after having served for a period of a little over 25 years.

His record in the department, during his entire service was excellent.  He had varied experience, having performed duty as a detective, plain-clothes patrolman, clerical patrolman in one of the busiest precincts in the city, mounted traffic duty and in addition during his last two years in the department he held an executive office, being lieutenant in command of the division of transportation.  In this position he had supervision over the purchase and upkeep of police department horses, automobiles, bicycles and repair shops, etc.

“I feel sure that if you appoint Lieutenant Darrow to the position mentioned, he will give entire satisfaction.”

1930 03 19 - Supervisor Named in Ridgefield p3Darrow served as patrolman at the West 22nd street station; detective at headquarters; foot patrol, East 22nd street station; detective at the West 37th, 30th and 20th street stations; mounted duty at the 152nd street station; traffic division, Tremont avenue station, and headquarters, all New York.  He also did mounted duty as a sergeant at Bronx Park station, 152nd street station traffic division and also served as lieutenant on desk duty at West 47th street, West 68th street and West 100th street stations, New York.  He was lieutenant, mounted duty, at the Central Park station, and instructor of the school of recruits, horsemanship, pistol practice and military tactics.  Darrow had charge of the lecturing at the public schools.  He served as aide to the mayor and police commissioner, and did clerical duty for the inspectors.  He retired after 25 years’ service.

Bids for stone and tarvia supplies were referred to the committee to report back at the next meeting.  Bids for stone were submitted by the Tidewater Stone Supply Company, Cliffside Trap Rock, Herbert A. Relph and Co., Belmont Gurney Co. and Ridgefield Tar Supply.  Those bidding on stone were the American Tar Products Company, Barrett Company and Lamsdell Company.

Two bids were submitted for garbage removal from Joseph Navalance and Louis Esposito, which also were held over.  It was announced that an assessment hearing on Lincoln place, between Bergen boulevard and Studio road, will be held Tuesday night, April 1.  At the same time the Ray avenue improvement will be taken up.  Council decided to meet as a committee of the whole together with the assessment commission to take action on the Oakdene avenue assessment complaints received at the last meeting, next Tuesday night at the municipal building.

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