Walter’s Letter of Commendation

In the wake of his heroic adventures, Walter received a letter of commendation from the Police Commission.

1930 02 27 - Letter of commendation from police commissionFebruary 27, 1930.

Mr. Walter Gallagher,
Police Department,
Borough of Ridgefield.

Dear Officer Gallagher:-

The Police Commission take this opportunity to commend you for the very efficient and courageous manner in which you handled a difficult situation on Feb., 25th, 1930.

It is fearless work of this character that the citizens of our Borough appreciate.

With our heartiest congratulations, we are,


Ridgefield Police Commission

Clarence A. Davis Pres.
Alan B. Conor
Clarence Kile
Henry Formon, Secty.

At the next Commission meeting, this Resolution was made:

1930 03 04 - Resolution of commendation for Gallagher and LustmannMeeting March 4, 1930


Presented by Councilman Brown


that the Mayor and Council express their commendation and appreciation of the capable and courageous action of Officers Walter W. Gallagher and Henry J. Lustmann in which they handled the hazardous situation that occurred on Feb. 25th, 1930, and that the Clerk be and hereby is instructed to send a copy of this resolution to each of the officers.

I hereby certify that the above is a true copy of resolution passed and approved by the Mayor and Council at a regular meeting held on March 4, 1930.

Adele McDermott
Borough Clerk


(Signed) C. A. Davis

(Signed) Adele McDermott
Borough Clerk


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