Jersey Justice Redeems Reputation

This article, presumably from February 27, 1930 (paper unknown), is another in the long string of public accolades surrounding the heroic feats of my great grandfather, Walter Gallagher.

1930 02 27 - Jersey Justice Redeems Reputation

Jersey Justice Redeems Reputation

“Jersey Justice,” which in former years meant swift and exact justice to criminals, came back into its own yesterday when three gangsters from New York City were started for state prison to serve maximum terms of seven years, 24 hours after they had been arrested.

This exemplification of old-time “Jersey Justice” is a flash-back into the past that should continue as a paragon for all law-enforcement authorities throughout the state.

It was Bergen County that yesterday brought back this all but forgotten kind of justice.

Three gangsters were overhauled after a running chase from Hudson County in Ridgefield.  The Ridgefield police got the credit for the capture and obtaining confessions of enough crimes to send them to prison.  Then Prosecutor West stepped into the picture and with the aid of Common Pleas Judge Mattock swift justice was meted out.  The gangsters did not want to be taken back to New York City lest they be sent to prison for life as fourth offenders under the Baumes laws.  They were so anxious to escape trial in New York that they readily pleaded guilty to four charges.


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