Exchange Club Congratulates Officers; Court News


This February 1930 article is another in a series of roughly 10 preserved articles about Walter Gallagher courageously apprehending three hardened criminals.

1929-1931 Ridgefield Police Court NewsExchange Club Congratulates Officers

At the meeting of the Ridgefield Exchange Club at which most of the members were present, the president with the advice of the members instructed the secretary to send letters to Officers Gallagher and Lustmann commending them for their display of courage in capturing the three bandits in the stolen car last week.

The members have started plans for a smoker which is to be held next month.  A letter was read commending the members in the work done by them in the erection of the War Memorial in the Morsemere section.  Several members of the Cliffside Park Exchange Club were guests at this Luncheon.  President Samuel Hendricks was unable to attend this meeting due to illness.



This week’s session of the Ridgefield Police Court was a busy one.  Recorder Baker presided and Henry Valle of Hackensack pleaded guilty to passing the red light.  He was find $5.00 and costs.

Nicholas Feingold of Union City preferred a charge of reckless driving against Emil Knudson of Palisades Park.  Knudsen pleaded guilty and was fined $5.00 and costs.

— Carl Hendrickson of Fairview appeared to answer to a charge of reckless driving preferred against him by Robert Nyman of Town.  He pleaded guilty and was fined $5.00 and costs of Court.

Officers Gallagher and Kalbhenn preferred several charges against Joseph Papalia of North Bergen.  He was charged with disorderly conduct, parking without lights, driving without license and after he had been checked up on this last offense, it was found that he had had his license revoked some time ago.  He was fined a total of $32.50 on the first three offenses and $200.00 for driving after his license had been revoked.  This made a total fine of $232.50.


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