Clap Hands for Patrolman Gallagher

In continuation of the accolades received from thwarting the escape of three hardened criminals, several articles appeared in the paper over the days following.  This is one of them.  Thank goodness these men were locked up without a moment’s delay.  Clearly, this was before Miranda – “Jersey Justice” indeed.


1930 02 26 - Clap Hands for Patrolman GallagherCLAP HANDS FOR PATROLMAN GALLAGHER

CLAP hands for Patrolman Walter Gallagher of Ridgefield, whose alert eye knew three disreputable citizens when it lit on them, and whose persistence, bravery, and quick-wittedness resulted in the arrest of three dangerous, and much-sought offenders of the law, this week.

A member of the Ridgefield police force only six months, Gallagher was standing on duty, Tuesday afternoon, when three suspicious-looking men were passing through the town.  He hailed them, and, when they refused to acknowledge his hail, he leaped into a police runabout and chased them, defying what might have developed into a shower of bullets for him.  [Even though the only shots fired were from the police]

He picked another patrolman up, and they both continued the chase.  Finally, after being cut off and subjected to other tricks well-known to escaping gangsters, he and his companion, Patrolman Henry Lustman, another courageous policeman, corralled the men.

The trio, with records of auto stealing, robberies and assaults innumerable, were sentenced to seven years in States prison, TWENTY-FOUR HOURS LATER.

Clap hands not only for Patrolmen Gallagher and Lustman, but also for the “Jersey Justice” that refused to delay trial of these men so that they could retain loophole-finding criminal lawyer sharks.


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