Chief Bunce of Ridgefield is Superseded

1930 01 22 Chief Bunce is Superseded (1)This article is from January 22, 1930 (according to Pop’s handwritten reference).  The newspaper is unknown, but is likely The Record.

Chief Bunce Of Ridgfield Is Superseded

Council Passes Ordinance to Create Office of Supervisor of Police


The ordinance to create the office of supervisor of police, which when filled will supersede Chief Edward Bunce, last night was passed by Ridgefield borough council.  Those who favored the passage of the ordinance were: Councilman Schuerlein, Brown, Bergen, Vassily; opposed — Kearny and Hildebrandt.

In answer to the remarks made by Police Commissioner Kile, that if any citizen would prefer charges against any member of the police department, he, as police commissioner would back those charges up to the fullest extent, Councilman Charles Hildebrandt said: “If, as the police commissioner contends, there is anyone on the force who ought to be brought up on charges, it is the duty of the police commissioner to prefer those charges, and if he won’t prefer them, let him resign and we’ll get a police commissioner who will.”

1930 01 22 Chief Bunce is Superseded (2)Won’t Cost More

It was pointed out by Mayor Clarence A. Davis, that the creation of a supervisor of police would not cost the taxpayers a cent more than they are now paying.  In answer to the mayor, someone asked why the police budget was increased and how did they expect to get a person from the outside to come in and supervise the police department without being paid for his services.  What the mayor meant by his remarks about the cost was taken for granted by many, that the increased police budget would take care of the paying of the supervisor.

Former Councilman Smith stressed before the council, that the people did not need a police supervisor, instead, he said, let the members of council and the police commissioners get down to work and see that the police force is run properly.  He added when he was a member of council, no trouble was had in seeing that the police department functioned properly.

Lack of patrolmen at dangerous crossings was discussed and, it was charged that this condition would not exist if council properly looked after the police department.

1930 01 22 Chief Bunce is SupersededBudget Adopted

The budget for 1930 was adopted.  It was shown that $171,150.00 will be raised by taxes.  Councilman Hildebrandt voted against the budget because of an appropriation of $25,000 for street improvements, which, he said, was too high.

The borough attorney will be requested to look up a law which, supposed to have been passed in 1862, making it unlawful to use tokens as money.  If there is such a law it will be used in the fight against the Public Service.

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