5 Hurt as 3 Autos Crash in Ridgefield

1929-1931 Five Hurt in Car Crash - no date5 HURT AS 3 AUTOS CRASH IN RIDGEFIELD


Conor, Police Convey Injured to Englewood Hospital

Five persons were hurt and two others narrowly escaped serious injury last night when three cars figured in a crash on Grand avenue in Ridgefield.

One of the cars, containing George Popovitch, 46, of 33 Cleveland avenue, Bergenfield; Edward Berger, 24, of the same address and John Parrish, 41, of 484 Park avenue, Fairview is believed to have attempted to pass another car operated by Harry Bernhammer, 64, of 36 Hackensack avenue, Weehawken, both of which were going north of [sic] Grand avenue.

The Popovitch car, seeing a roadster, operated by Marjorie Dugan, 17, or 205 Armstrong avenue, Jersey City, who was driving on a permit, with J. F. Hoffman, 26, of 256 Garfield avenue, JErsey City a licensed driver, attempted to cut in to the right side of the road.

In so doing, the Popovich car struck the Bernhammer machine and pushed it off the road, badly damaging both cars.  The roadster was damaged but little.

Former Mayor Alam B. Conor who was driving along Grand avenue at the time took Popovich and Parrish to the Englewood Hospital, while Patrolman Gallagher of the Ridgefield police department, took Berger to the same hospital.  Patrolman Arthur Kahlbein took the Bernhammers to the hospital in the police car.

At the hospital it was reported that the injuries suffered by the occupants of the cars were: Berger, lacerations of the arm, head, chest and knee; Parrish, cut on the head; Popovich, cuts on the neck and shoulder; Berthammaer [sic], lacerations of the head and left hand.


The way this article is written makes it hard to figure out exactly what happened in this wreck.  Using my paralegal experience and exceptional skills in reading police reports, I have created an artist’s” (not very good) rendition of what may have occurred:

2015-01-18 14.54.16


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