Hold-Up Men Are Under Lock and Key

-1929-1931 Hold-Up Men are Under Lock and KeyHold-Up Men Are Under Lock and Key


Ridgefield Police Have in Custody Three Men Who Held Up John C. Dunn


On Friday afternoon the Hackensack police reported to Supervisor George Darrow of the Ridgefield Police Department that they had [sic] in custody one Andrew Gambo who had been wanted since September 27th as the third man involved in the holdup of John C. Dunn of the Lowe Paper Company, residing in Englewood.  Charles Ziti [he was Charles Riti/Ritti in the previous article] and Louis Capucco [he was Louis Capsaso in the previous article] of Little Ferry, the other two men, had already been captured by the Ridgefield police, who were still searching for Gambo [he was Gabo in the previous article].  The latter was turned over to Patrolman Gallagher and put in the cell, and later signed a confession in which he stated that the three men were pals.  Louis Capucco had told them one night of a fellow (Dunn) where he worked “who always had plenty of money with him and wore a large diamond.”  They planned to rob Dunn and went to the Lowe Paper Mill at night, where they accosted Dunn and viciously assaulted him.  They left him unconscious, but becoming frightened, fled from the scene to Edgewater.  Gambo went home, and later heard that his pals had been caught by the Ridgefield police.  He finally gave himself up and joined his companions in the Hackensack jail.

It was through the relentless efforts of the Ridgefield Police Department that the three men were captured, and general satisfaction is felt in the town at the efficiency developing in that department since its re-organization unde [sic] Mayor Davis’ administration.


More police propaganda?  Maybe it’s just me, but a criminal turning himself in doesn’t sound like “relentless efforts’ of the police department at all.

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