Badly Beaten by Pal of Man Boss Laid Off

1929-1931 Badly Beaten by Pal of Man Boss Laid OffBadly Beaten By Pal of Man Boss Laid Off


Ridgefield Stock Clerk Victim of Alleged Plot to Rob and Get Revenge




John C. Dunn of Englewood, employed as a stock clerk at the Lowe Paper Manufacturing Company, Ridgefield, was beaten to insensibility it is charged, by a companion of his assistant whom he had laid off temporarily a few days before.  Charles Riti, 18, of 36 Moonachie road, Moonachie, Dunn’s assailant, laid in wait all night with Louis Capsaso, 17, of 32 Moonachie road, the suspended clerk, and Andrew Gabo, 19, of Union street, Little Ferry, intending to rob Dunn when he arrived for work, it is alleged.

Confessing his intent to Patrolman Walter Gallagher, his captor, Capsaso said that he had told his companions Dunn carried large amounts of money, and that he had agreed to assist them in the robbery.  Although their victim wore a diamond ring valued at $1,000 and carried a purse described by police as “stuffed,” the three youths ran away without stopping for plunder when they realized the plight of Dunn, whom Riti, it is said, had beaten with an iron rod while Gabo covered him with a revolver.

1929-1931 Badly Beaten by Pal of Man Boss Laid Off p2According to the story told the police by Riti, captured by two factory employees, as he fled and Capsaso, who was arrsted [sic] at his home Saturday, the trio made their way into the building on River road by means of the fire escape.  Capsaso, they say, kept lookout while his two companions lay in ambush behind tiers of rolled paper.  According to the two men, Gabo, who fights as a middleweight under the name of Andy Dumpie, hend Dunn at the point of a .32 calibre revolver while Ritti felled him with an iron bar.

Seeing their victim bleeding from the mouth, nose and ears, the three fled, Riti speeding up River road and the other two along Grand avenue.  Two factory employees who saw the assault blocked the avenue and caught Riti, whom they turned over to Patrolman Gallagher.  The policeman was nearby at the time of the capture.  Gabo escaped capture by Gallagher when the policeman who called at his home after arresting Capsaso, a neighbor.

Dunn returned to work after treatment for scalp wounds by John D. Lynn of Ridgefield.  Riti and Capsaso are in Bergen County jail charged with burglary, attempted robbery and atrocious assault.


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