2 Arrested At Ridgefield Still

This article is one of the first that mention Pop after he became a police officer.  Date is unknown and newspaper is unknown.  It was published during the Prohibition era, and Pop didn’t become a cop until 1929, so it had to occur between 1929 and 1933.

Also – the Joseph Gallagher mentioned in this article is [so far] no relation.


1929-1931 2 Arrested at Ridgefield Still2 Arrested At Ridgefield Still

1,000-Gallon Plant Destroyed by Federal, Municipal Raiders

Federal prohibition agents of the Newark office of the Department of Justice visited Ridgefield yesterday afternoon, destroyed a 1,000-gallon alcohol distillery adn took with them two Elizabeth men as prisoners.

The raiding party, called in by Ridgefield police, included Agents R. E. Klohr, Joseph Gallagher and E. C. Deadman, and two Ridgefield patrolmen, Walter Gallagher and John Paul.

Suspecting the presence of a still, Patrolmen August Vohl and Paul and been detailed in plainclothes to keep the Oritan avenue garage under surveillance since last week.  The garage building, supposedly unoccupied, is situated near the Northern Railroad of New Jersey station.

Two Caught at Work

Breaking into the structure shortly before 5 o’clock yesterday afternoon, the raiding party found the plant in operation by two men who identified themselves as David Miller, 38, of 1113 Elizabeth avenue, and Leo Marseillan, 39, of 1100 Elizabeth avenue both Elizabeth.

In addition to the 1,000-gallon distilling apparatus, the plant included three 10,000-gallon vats containing 4,000 gallons of mash, and 100 gallons of finished liquor.  Five five-gallon tins of this were taken as evidence. [I’m sure it was.]

After the two men were taken to Ridgefield police headquarters and charged with illegal operation of the still, Police Sergeant Charles Erickson and Patrolmen Henry Lustmann and Vohl went to the garage building and destroyed the apparatus.

The prisoners were removed to Newark, where they will be arraigned before a United States commissioner.



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