Walter makes good!

In April 1929, Walter decided to leave the “restaurant” business.  He and his wife Ruth were living in an apartment at 1 Elizabeth Street, Ridgefield, New Jersey.

1929 - 1 Elizabeth Street Ridgefield

He completed his application to the Ridgefield Police Department, and it was received on April 17, 1929.

1929 06 12 - Police Department applicationHe was applying for the position of Patrolman.  He states that he has been living in New Jersey for 12 years, but I found him and his wife Ruth enumerated at 1600 Jackson Avenue in Jackson Heights (Queens County), New York, in the 1925 New York state census.  Not sure what’s going on there.

I got a chuckle when I reached item #9.  Apparently the only marital conditions available were “single” or “divorced.”  Clearly, the creator of this form had a very jaded view of society at that time.

On June 18, 1929, the Police Commission sent a letter to the Mayor requesting appointment of Walter to the position of Patrolman.

1929 06 18 - Request to Mayor for appointment of Walter Gallagher


And on July 10, 1929, Walter appeared for his physical examination.  At the time, he was working as a night manager at a restaurant.  The person who taught penmanship to this examiner should have their hands rapped with a yardstick.

1929 07 10 Walter Gallagher Physical Exam for police dept

I love that it gives a physical description: Height 5’8-1/4″, weight 190 lbs., chest girth 36.4″, and abdominal girth 34″.  He has one child age 4 (his adopted son – my grandfather – John Joseph Gallagher).  He looks to be in pretty decent health, with the only thing notable listed under ‘other illnesses’ is what looks like either “H of C” or “D of C” only.  I can’t really tell what letter that is supposed to be, but by comparison, I know it’s not a G.  If you know of any illness that might fit that description, please share.

It is interesting to note that (spoiler alert) Walter eventually contracted diabetes. I’m curious to know whether this ‘other illness’ is related to that in any way.


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