1925 10 When Good Fellows Get Together at Gallagher's

When Good Fellows Get Together

This is another undated, unidentified article from Pop’s scrapbook.  With the references to Jack Dempsey’s new nose and the mention of the new Monte Carlo restaurant, I’ve narrowed the time frame to around September/October 1924.

1925 10 When Good Fellows Get Together at Gallagher's

1925 10 When Good Fellows Get Together at Gallagher's caption

A couple of things caught my eye in this one.

First, the artist got Pop’s name wrong – and wrote it as “John J Gallagher” (which has been corrected in pencil to “Walt”).  Oops.

Second, the artist is identified as “the Inimitable Sketchist” Ving Fuller of the Morning Telegraph.  I think that might be kind of a big deal.  He started out as a gag cartoonist for the Daily Graphic in the early 1920s.  After that, he became an animator and then went back to cartooning .  He eventually became the editor for New York Daily Mirror in the 1930s.  You can see more of his work here.

This cartoon pokes fun at Jack Dempsey when he had plastic surgery to repair his nose after so many beatings in the ring.  It was supposedly to fix a deformity in order to help his breathing, but he took some good-natured ribbing because he had also been appearing in several films to that point, which called into question his true motivation for having plastic surgery – either for the screen or to please his second wife, Estelle Taylor, a silent movie actress who played Miriam in Cecil B. DeMille’s The Ten Commandments in 1923.


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