1924+ Steamship China

Steamship China Sets Precedent

I think this unidentified, undated article is from around 1924.  Also, I’m pretty sure the author, David, has a last name, but it wasn’t preserved in the scrapbook.


1924+ Steamship ChinaThe steamship China, which leaves this port on September 15 for the Orient, is to establish a precedent along lines of entertainment for its passengers, one which will open up another field for thespians, singers and dancers.  The ship will have its own revue aboard, a revue now in rehearsal at the Restaurant-Theatres, Inc., studios, which was recently incorporated, with W. J. Gallagher, owner of the Monte Carlo, Broadway and Fifty-first street, as president and Ted Riley as managing director, to provide a national cabaret circuit.  With the sailing of the China, however, the organization becomes international in character.  Other vessels of the line, which leave fortnightly, are to have their own performers also.  Performances are to be given every afternoon and evening, as well as in theatres at all ports of call, which include Havana, Honolulu, Yokohama, Nagasaki, Shanghai, Hongkong and Australian cities.  The revues are being written by Mr. Riley, with Frank Gillen taking care of the score.  Joe Mann will personally direct the first tour . . . The Marcellis Four, a quartet of dancers from France, have been put on at the Monte Carlo during the week, and it is doubtful if such versatility in the terpsichorean art has ever been seen in a Broadway restaurant.  They are equally at home in soft shoe, buck, waltzing, Russian, acrobatic and Apache dances.  The work of Edouard Burdy and Jenny Burdy stands out most prominent in the acrobatic whirls, while Andrew and Madeleine Bekkers excel in ballroom dances.  Mr. Gallagher and John Kennedy, his business representative, are very much pleased at the increasing amount of the Monte Carlo’s business.  Walter Gallagher, son of the former, who is following in his father’s footsteps, has been made floor manager of the restaurant.


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