-1923 Walter Buys Supper Club with brother Joe

Walter and Joe Buy Supper Club

In 1923, Billy’s sons Walter and Joe jumped into the “biz” with both feet and purchased the Exclusive Supper Club in New York City.  Meanwhile, Billy’s getting some attention with renovations at the Broadway Gardens …

-1923 Walter Buys Supper Club with brother Joe Buy Supper Club.

Walter Gallagher, floor manager of the Monte Carlo restaurant, owned by his father, William J. Gallagher, has branched out as a proprietor in partnership with his brother, Joseph M. Gallagher, of Broadway Gardens, in the Exclusive Supper Club, 117 West Forth-eighth street.  They bought out the interest of John Mulligan.  The two are planning to make it one of the best clubs of its kind in the city.  The club is attractively furnished and, despite its futuristic designs, presents a cozy, intimate appearance.  It has an ample dancing floor and a talented orchestra.  Walter Gallagher will remain at the Monte Carlo, however.

Panel Paintings Attractive.

Coincident with the unveiling of panel paintings in the rehabilitated and redecorated Broadway Gardens, 711 Seventh avenue, this week, Mrs. Oscar Bergstrom, of San Antonio, Texas, entertained a large number of friends after a swimming party in her Riverside Drive home, where there is a tank of no mean proportions.  At the same time, Mrs. John Brandeis and a party of friends from Omaha were guests of W. J. Gallagher, owner of the Gardens, which now presents a beautiful and distinctive appearance.  The paintings have red-headed nymphs for their subject and the artist has succeeded in bringing to the eye all the superlatives of facial beauty, figure and coloring.  Skillful manipulation of electric lights give the pictures an almost etheral [sic] look.

William J. Gallagher, of the Monte Carlo, Broadway and Fifty-first street, entertained six Pacific Coast restaurateurs, here for a “look at what’s going on,” Friday night.  They were in search of innovations for their own establishments and, although the visit was planned as nothing more than a short visit or courtesy call, they stayed through the entire performance of Ted Reily’s new revue, “Livin’ High,” and watched carefully the work of Will Morrisey, popular producer and comedian, who now heads the revue, and who is the official host of the Monte Carlo.  The visitors congratulated both Mr. Gallagher and Mr. Reilly on the production.  Next to Mr. Morrisey, Evelyn Martin, the sensational dancer, came in for the most praise, with Donald Roberts.  Ottilie Corday, Lewis and Brown running her a close second.  The show has resulted in the “no more room” sign being displayed a short time after the theatres have ebeen [sic] emptied.  The dinners also have increased proportionately.


This is an announcement for the opening of Walter and Joe’s club.  Better get there early, they can only seat 150 people!

1923 09 20 Exclusive Supper Club invitation



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