New York Greatest Summer Resort in the Country

Unidentified, untitled, and undated newspaper article from Pop’s scrapbook.  Hard to argue with this sort of convincing evidence though.

1924+ NY is summer retreat Broadway GardensThat New York grew increasingly popular as a summer resort this year has been proven by John Dockney, manager of W. J. Gallagher’s Broadway Gardens, No. 711 Seventh avenue, who has just completed the compilation of a list of guests that have been added to the restaurant’s many patrons during the last three months “Fully sixty per cent of the new faces,” said Mr. Dockney, “came from out of town and about half of them from below the Mason-Dixon line.  Most of the regular patrons of every New York restaurant seek the mountains in the summer time, but business, on the whole, was far above the average of the dull season, because of the large increase in the number of persons spending their vacations here.”  Mr. Dockney believes that New York is the greatest summer resort in the country and cites railway figures to prove it.


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  1. Thanks Carla! That’s what I love about this project I’m doing … I have about a dozen scrapbooks filled with articles and other documents about my family. This is going to keep me very busy for a very long time 🙂

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