1924.11.00 Next Holiday Plans Complete

Next Holiday Plans Complete

This is another of the MANY undated and unidentified articles in Pop’s scrapbook.  Based on the fact that reference is made to the presidential election and Thanksgiving, and Billy didn’t own the Monte Carlo until after 1920, this one is likely from mid November 1924.

1924.11.00 Next Holiday Plans CompleteNEXT HOLIDAY PLANS COMPLETE


Broadway Restaurateurs Ready for Thanksgiving Eve and Day – Business Increasing.


By David G. Casem.

Although the spirit of election week is still manifest on Broadway and its environs, in point of general liveliness, most of its famous eating and dancing establishments as well as its big hostelries are pointing their efforts toward Thanksgiving Eve and the day itself.  Restaurateurs are well aware that the vast majority of the younger generation seek parental firesides, but there are thousands who annually find themselves unable to do so, and for these they are to furnish a good substitute.  Not a few of the restaurateurs have announced that they will continue their yearly charitable dinners.

The current week probably broke many records as to crowds on Broadway and into every one of the smart establishments.  There were no new openings, but the revues are of such recent vintage that they are either new to thousands of guests or have been brought to the point of newness by additional feaures [sic] or recasting.

One of the most outstanding events of the week, that is outside of celebrations incident to the election, was Jack Dempsey’s party Thursday night in William J. Gallagher’s Monte Carlo, Broadway at Fifty-first street.  The champion gave a supper to forty-six of the best-known sport writers in the East.  Dempsey had as his guests of honor “Tex” Rickard, Jack Renault, and Jack Kearns, his manager.  Luis Firpo had been invited, but failed to put in an appearance.

The restaurant was jammed from as early as nine o’clock.  The big fellow put in an appearance at half-past eleven o’clock and bowed his acknowledgements to the spontaneous cheering.  In a few moments he was surrounded by guests seeking to shake his “million-dollar” hand.  His natural, boyish exuberance and fun-loving proclivities earned for him a host of friends who had never seen anything but the taciturnity he assumed in battle.

Dempsey and Rickard, old friends of Mr. Gallagher’s insisted that the last named be photographed with them.  Pictures were also taken of the champion sitting amid the cast of the show and orchestra, as well as with his guests.  In one of them he was wielding Ace Brigode’s baton.  Walter Gallagher, son of the owner, who has spent six months in touring the country, is back in the Monte Carlo again as one of his father’s personal representatives.


Needless to say, I would LOVE to have the photo of Billy with Jack Dempsey and “Tex” Rickard, but it was not among the articles in the scrapbooks.  However, at least now I know Dempsey visits Billy Gallagher's - no datewhen this photo was taken:




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