Paul Geittner Receives Watch

This undated, unidentified article (most likely from around 1924, when Billy opened the Monte Carlo) shows why everyone loved Billy.

1924+ Paul Geittner gets pocket watch from Billy
Paul Geittner was recently the recipient of a handsome gift — a platinum open-face watch — from “Billy” Gallagher, proprietor of the Broadway Gardens, Broadway and 48th street, and the Monte Carlo, Broadway and 51st street, New York, with whom he became associated on August 1, at the latter establishment where he has general supervision over the dining room and kitchen.  The watch has the Gruen movement, and bears the monogramed [sic] initials of Mr. Geittner on the reverse side in small diamonds.  The gift was in the nature of a testimonial of appreciation for the assistance Mr. Geittner rendered the donor in opening the Monte Carlo, formerly the Club Maurice.

This platinum watch was probably similar to this one, which was sold by Gruen in 1924 to commemorate its 50th Anniversary … for $500.  That’s nearly $7,000 in today’s money.  No wonder Billy was always broke.

Gruen watch ad 1924


Walter and Joe Buy Supper Club

In 1923, Billy’s sons Walter and Joe jumped into the “biz” with both feet and purchased the Exclusive Supper Club in New York City.  Meanwhile, Billy’s getting some attention with renovations at the Broadway Gardens …

-1923 Walter Buys Supper Club with brother Joe Buy Supper Club.

Walter Gallagher, floor manager of the Monte Carlo restaurant, owned by his father, William J. Gallagher, has branched out as a proprietor in partnership with his brother, Joseph M. Gallagher, of Broadway Gardens, in the Exclusive Supper Club, 117 West Forth-eighth street.  They bought out the interest of John Mulligan.  The two are planning to make it one of the best clubs of its kind in the city.  The club is attractively furnished and, despite its futuristic designs, presents a cozy, intimate appearance.  It has an ample dancing floor and a talented orchestra.  Walter Gallagher will remain at the Monte Carlo, however.

Panel Paintings Attractive.

Coincident with the unveiling of panel paintings in the rehabilitated and redecorated Broadway Gardens, 711 Seventh avenue, this week, Mrs. Oscar Bergstrom, of San Antonio, Texas, entertained a large number of friends after a swimming party in her Riverside Drive home, where there is a tank of no mean proportions.  At the same time, Mrs. John Brandeis and a party of friends from Omaha were guests of W. J. Gallagher, owner of the Gardens, which now presents a beautiful and distinctive appearance.  The paintings have red-headed nymphs for their subject and the artist has succeeded in bringing to the eye all the superlatives of facial beauty, figure and coloring.  Skillful manipulation of electric lights give the pictures an almost etheral [sic] look.

William J. Gallagher, of the Monte Carlo, Broadway and Fifty-first street, entertained six Pacific Coast restaurateurs, here for a “look at what’s going on,” Friday night.  They were in search of innovations for their own establishments and, although the visit was planned as nothing more than a short visit or courtesy call, they stayed through the entire performance of Ted Reily’s new revue, “Livin’ High,” and watched carefully the work of Will Morrisey, popular producer and comedian, who now heads the revue, and who is the official host of the Monte Carlo.  The visitors congratulated both Mr. Gallagher and Mr. Reilly on the production.  Next to Mr. Morrisey, Evelyn Martin, the sensational dancer, came in for the most praise, with Donald Roberts.  Ottilie Corday, Lewis and Brown running her a close second.  The show has resulted in the “no more room” sign being displayed a short time after the theatres have ebeen [sic] emptied.  The dinners also have increased proportionately.


This is an announcement for the opening of Walter and Joe’s club.  Better get there early, they can only seat 150 people!

1923 09 20 Exclusive Supper Club invitation



New York Greatest Summer Resort in the Country

Unidentified, untitled, and undated newspaper article from Pop’s scrapbook.  Hard to argue with this sort of convincing evidence though.

1924+ NY is summer retreat Broadway GardensThat New York grew increasingly popular as a summer resort this year has been proven by John Dockney, manager of W. J. Gallagher’s Broadway Gardens, No. 711 Seventh avenue, who has just completed the compilation of a list of guests that have been added to the restaurant’s many patrons during the last three months “Fully sixty per cent of the new faces,” said Mr. Dockney, “came from out of town and about half of them from below the Mason-Dixon line.  Most of the regular patrons of every New York restaurant seek the mountains in the summer time, but business, on the whole, was far above the average of the dull season, because of the large increase in the number of persons spending their vacations here.”  Mr. Dockney believes that New York is the greatest summer resort in the country and cites railway figures to prove it.


Billy Named President of Stage Craft Restaurant Theatres, Inc.

Yet another unidentified, untitled, and undated article from Pop’s scrapbook.  I’ve narrowed the time frame down to sometime after 1924, since that’s when Billy borrowed the money to purchase the Monte Carlo on W. 51st Street.  I attempted to find a date of incorporation, but the Secretary of State’s online search didn’t recognize the name of the corporation, and the Secretary of State’s office was unable to locate the business when I called.  Unfortunately, they can only search for the exact spelling of the name of the business, and not by the name of the officers or any other search criteria.

1924+ Billy named president of Restaurant Theaters IncW. J. Gallagher, owner of the Monte Carlo Restaurant Theater, Broadway at Fifty-first street, has been elected president of a new corporation that has been formed to provide a national circuit of restaurant and theater revues as well as entertainers for banquets and other public functions.  Papers of incorporation which have just been signed by the Secretary of State show that the other officers are Ted Reily, vice president and general manager; J. M. Anderson, secretary and treasurer; Frank Gillen, director of the music department, and Harry Walker, casting director.  The majority of the stock is held by Mr. Gallagher.

The organization is called Stage Craft Restaurant Theatres, Inc., and will be very similar in its operations to circuits like that of B. F. Keith.  Restaurateurs, including many of the most important from Boston to Kansas City and from Montreal to New Orleans, were sounded out on the proposition and the response assures a wheel of at least sixteen spokes.  Four New York restaurants have already signed up, and there is a possibility of several more being added.  The circuit will begin operating the first week in September, rehearsals for several of the shows having already been started. … Frank Bleyler, whose voice has earned for him a place on par with John Steele, has joined the Monte Carlo comedy as juvenile.  Mr. Bleyler was with the “Blushing Bride” during its entire run at the Astor Theatre.  Several other new faces are being seen nightly at that popular resort, among them being Miss Lillian Randall as hostess.  Miss Randall was formerly of Rector’s and the Little Club.  Acting with her and in the same capacity is Miss Marian Taylor, late of the Winter Garden show, and others equally important.


Next Holiday Plans Complete

This is another of the MANY undated and unidentified articles in Pop’s scrapbook.  Based on the fact that reference is made to the presidential election and Thanksgiving, and Billy didn’t own the Monte Carlo until after 1920, this one is likely from mid November 1924.

1924.11.00 Next Holiday Plans CompleteNEXT HOLIDAY PLANS COMPLETE


Broadway Restaurateurs Ready for Thanksgiving Eve and Day – Business Increasing.


By David G. Casem.

Although the spirit of election week is still manifest on Broadway and its environs, in point of general liveliness, most of its famous eating and dancing establishments as well as its big hostelries are pointing their efforts toward Thanksgiving Eve and the day itself.  Restaurateurs are well aware that the vast majority of the younger generation seek parental firesides, but there are thousands who annually find themselves unable to do so, and for these they are to furnish a good substitute.  Not a few of the restaurateurs have announced that they will continue their yearly charitable dinners.

The current week probably broke many records as to crowds on Broadway and into every one of the smart establishments.  There were no new openings, but the revues are of such recent vintage that they are either new to thousands of guests or have been brought to the point of newness by additional feaures [sic] or recasting.

One of the most outstanding events of the week, that is outside of celebrations incident to the election, was Jack Dempsey’s party Thursday night in William J. Gallagher’s Monte Carlo, Broadway at Fifty-first street.  The champion gave a supper to forty-six of the best-known sport writers in the East.  Dempsey had as his guests of honor “Tex” Rickard, Jack Renault, and Jack Kearns, his manager.  Luis Firpo had been invited, but failed to put in an appearance.

The restaurant was jammed from as early as nine o’clock.  The big fellow put in an appearance at half-past eleven o’clock and bowed his acknowledgements to the spontaneous cheering.  In a few moments he was surrounded by guests seeking to shake his “million-dollar” hand.  His natural, boyish exuberance and fun-loving proclivities earned for him a host of friends who had never seen anything but the taciturnity he assumed in battle.

Dempsey and Rickard, old friends of Mr. Gallagher’s insisted that the last named be photographed with them.  Pictures were also taken of the champion sitting amid the cast of the show and orchestra, as well as with his guests.  In one of them he was wielding Ace Brigode’s baton.  Walter Gallagher, son of the owner, who has spent six months in touring the country, is back in the Monte Carlo again as one of his father’s personal representatives.


Needless to say, I would LOVE to have the photo of Billy with Jack Dempsey and “Tex” Rickard, but it was not among the articles in the scrapbooks.  However, at least now I know Dempsey visits Billy Gallagher's - no datewhen this photo was taken: