1920+ Billy and Walter Gallagher most popular on Broadway

Most Popular on Broadway!

This is one of the MANY articles that are unidentified and undated.  I only know that this one is from the early 1920s because Walter is old enough to work with his father in the restaurant “biz.”

1920+ Billy and Walter Gallagher most popular on BroadwayThe Gallaghers, father and son, are most popular on Broadway.  Billy, the pater, probably has more politicians and sportsmen “with him” than anybody in town.  He has been conducting cabarets longer than anybody along the line — and he never has trouble with the police, for he never does anything to incur their displeasure.  When orders go out for Billy to cut out dancing at a certain hour in his establishments he does it.  Any order that comes from headquarters is carried out by Billy for he believes that in the interest of law and order the police edicts should be observed.  His son, Walter, has grown up like a mushroom and is now capable of helping his father conduct his restaurants.  Billy has taught his boy the business from the ground up with the result that Walter is affable, courteous, generous and shrewd.  You can’t put anything over on Walter.  Billy is the dean of cabaret owners — and he’s doing more business than ever in his life.  Billy probably lends a helping hand to more “down and outs” and does more charitable deeds than anybody in the business.  And no one ever yet heard him once look for any publicity fo the same.  The only way those things have become known has been through the beneficiaries making them known.

I don’t know about anyone else, but does this article smack of propaganda?  Does it have undertones of “this guy is protected by ‘the family’ so everything he does is legal”?  Maybe it’s just me.


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